Design Museum

When going to the Design Museum, I didn’t expect to see such a variety of entries.

Designs of the year 2015

Although they were very different, they were all really interesting.

Quirky foods

These foods would be considered “ugly”, but I think they’re so odd and unique that it makes them seem rather special.


I was really interested in this typeface and on the screen you could see it move and rotate which is really intriguing cos usually typeface is a 2D concept in which you just look at it from straight on, but this particular font you could see all around it as it spun and rotated to show a full 360 degree view.

Bicycle seats
Different types of bikes
Safety bike

The cycle revolution was very interesting, especially as you got to see how much the cycle has evolved and how different the early ones were to nowadays bicycles.

“Read it later” signpost
“Baby you can drive my car” signpost

I particularly liked these signposts, because I found them quite humorous and I also like the font used for the second one, the words and letters made out of signs on the road and even though at first I had to look closer to see what it says I thought this design was very clever.


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