Photography Project

For this project we had to take photos for any magazine of our own choice. The photos we took were that of the same context and presentation was to be shown as if it was in a magazine spread.

I decided to do a series of photos, which at first glance when looking at the centre photo, seem to be about a nice unique shop. It is only when you look at the other photos then you realise the reality behind the main photo and how they’re surrounded by the reality; shops which aren’t as “pleasant” or “distinctive”.

This reminded me of people’s Instagrams photo’s and how their photos seem to look perfect, however if you saw what’s really behind the photo, filters and editing then you would see the truth.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 19.07.20
Instagram’d image
Behind the photo


For my article I decided to base it around these series of Polaroids I took:


I wanted to make a mock article, talking about the colours and aesthetics of photos these days, and pretending to be models with my friends, whilst doing ridiculous poses.

Here’s my final magazine spread:


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