Photoshop // Applications

Here we had to create a type of business card for ourselves.

At first I struggled coming up with a design and so decided to mess around with shapes and colours. I decided to choose one colour and then base the rest of the card around different shades of that colour. Once that was done I added in the text, changing the shade slightly.

back card
front card

I wanted the shape to get bigger and to get slightly lighter.

I still wasn’t completely with the setting of everything, and after playing around with the text I finally settled for my design.


After this I tried to play around with the shapes a bit more, but decided I didn’t really like the look of it.



Then afterwards, we were given a new task; “applications” and had to create a collage to do with the image of a fist.


Our next task was to use the image of a fist to come up with something.
I decided to make a collage of the image of fist and have positive words inside the fist and the negative outside, to symbolise the fist being victorious and winning.



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