Screen Printing

I’ve only ever done screen printing once before, and just like the last time I really enjoyed doing it this time. However it was slightly tedious having such a large group of people and being at the end of the queue, meant that I didn’t get very much done. Being last to wash the screen also means being last to put on solution and therefore being last to make a print.

However that being said, the day was very useful as we went thoroughly through each step, and the outcome was extremely enjoyable. There was a slight small mistake in that the person before me somehow managed to get a bit of water on the machine, and so when I went to transfer my image the middle part was slightly ruined, but looking on the bright side, it made a rather cool effect on my image.


In the end, because of the long queues I only managed to make one print, but because I’m rather intrigued I hope to go back and make many more prints.

I was still very interested by screenprinting, so I went out to buy a beginners kit and tried some more at home.


This process was still long, but enjoyable, and after a few tries I managed to get the hang of it, even putting another layer on top.



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