3D Poster


For this one-week project, in groups, we needed to create a 3D poster, for a film, made out of collected materials and at the end of the week we would then present our poster to the class.
The only thing we were given was our base, for us to stick and build off our poster. Although the poster had to be for a film, it could not be based on a film poster, but instead had to be completely original.

Our group went through many possible ideas, from Transformers, to Alice in Wonderland until we finally decided on Ghostbusters.

The materials we collected fit well with the Ghostbusters theme, however, admittedly, we did have to buy one thing (some washing up gloves).
I’d have to say that my team mates did a the best part of the poster, making the final outcome look really neat and recognisable, even given the short amount of time.


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