Collect, Analyse and (Re)assemble

This project was quite hard for me at first, because I couldn’t think outside of the box, and could only think of the ‘obvious’ collections.

I took photos of collections around my house to try and help me to think of more ideas.


Then I found my oyster card and realised it was breaking, because I had so many travel receipts in there, which gave me an idea to use them for a collection. It was time to get a new oyster card holder anyways.

After this I decided to look at my clothes, and set upon the idea of making a sort of mini wardrobe. I ordered the clothes so that it would be unique to me: the ones which I wear the most to the least.


DSC_1869However I still wasn’t satisfied with that idea, and after much thinking I thought of the idea of fingerprints. When looking at them they all seem the same, however on closer inspection you can see that everyone’s is different and unique to each individual. It’s fascinating how the swirls and lines make up a unique print. So I decided to do a bunch of my own fingerprints, a set for each finger on my right hand. Then after that I set out to get different people’s fingerprints. Some found it a bit weird that I asked them to borrow their right hand for some printing, but the results were worth the odd reactions.


I wanted my book to be of my finger prints, and other peoples on every other page, to show how similar, yet different, a fingerprint is. I did this for the thumb, index, middle, ring finger and pinky to make a 5 part series.DSC_1904DSC_1905


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