Hothouse Talk

Paul Jenkins: Triple Double

“Triple Double is a multi-disciplinary design studio, creating human and authentic conversations for brands, organisations and people.” – Triple Double website.


His presentation was thoroughly inspiring, with the slides standing out to me the most were, “Process is infinite,” and “You and your project are in a relationship.” We’re always looking back at projects and thinking how we could have changed them or presented them differently, but process is infinite and there is no end. If we’re in a relationship with our projects we have to be committed and not just work on them half-heartedly. Another tip which I took away from this talk was to add 50% of the time you think something’s going to take, so that you can properly invest in it. If I’m honest, this tip is applicable for me for everything that I do, since I always underestimate the time I have to do things and am known for being late (or as I like to say, fashionably late). He also talked about the other projects he’s worked on, such as Adidas, Selfridges and also the Cass.



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