Soundtrack of our Lives

This project was really interesting, because we got to choose our own music and so everyone’s would not only be very different, but also quite personal to each individual.

I was debating as to whether to choose songs I really liked or to try and find songs that would be easy to express on a poster. In the end I chose 3 songs which seemed different, but all gave me the same feeling, and the singers I thought were very good at expressing the emotions of the songs and the lyrics. The songs I chose were; James Bay – Let it go, Ed Sheeran – Photograph and a Chinese song by a group called Exo-M – Baby Don’t Cry. These songs were very thoughtful and quite sad, and so I decided that the common theme throughout all 3 would be the dripping of paint, representing something different in each poster.

In Let it go, one of my favourite lines was, “I used to recognise myself it’s funny how reflections change,” and so I did the same image like a reflection, but made one side drip down to the other, so that they would be slightly different, and so that you’d be able to tell which side was the original and which side was the reflection.

For Photograph, I did one side of the hands dripping away, because I wanted it to represent how a photograph is a memory, and sometimes people hold onto it but they can’t seem to let go, however memories are just a part of the past.


Finally for Baby Don’t Cry, there’s a particular dance move one of my favourite dancers does, which is where he pretends to light a cigarette, takes one puff and then throws it onto the floor. I chose to paint this, because to me it says about certainty, which the song talks about. I wanted the drips to represent tears in this poster, because of the song name, Baby Don’t Cry, and so I made the tears go across the dancer’s face.



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