5 Artists

The five people I chose are:
Samantha Baker
– Ja Soon Kim
– Lauren Hom
– Lucas Machado
– Manuel Pita

A collage of a few of their work

They all vary in techniques and mediums, but I like their styles. They each have a unique way of working and presenting their work, which I can learn from, as it sets them apart from other people.
I’d like to see what makes each artist unique, and how they make their work their own.


Dialogue Studio: Armin Hofmann

Armin Hofmann has a very distinctive style to his work. Using few colours and basic shapes, he creates simplistic yet unique designs, which have quite a modernistic feel to them.

Inspired by him, we had to create a new image using a similar process.

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Dialogue Studio: Prototyping

We had to scan our hands and print them out A3 size. I’ve done this before but on an A4 scale, so it was interesting to see your own hand closely and the details in the lines.

We then used our previous work of mapping tube stops and superimposed the images on to our hands.

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Dialogue Studio: Emily Mcnally

The work we imitated previously was Emma McNally‘s work. She’s really interesting and we imitated her style in the way that it created a sort of abstract map.

Her work looks like that of an astronomical type, and something out of this world.
A lot of her work is based on sound too, which I find really interesting, because people often use visuals to aid their work.

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Canary Wharf

There are often times when you take the tube, where you can tell that you’re entering a different part of the city. Taking the tube to Canary Wharf was one of these times. As you approach the station more and more people in suits and smart clothes carrying briefcases start to pile onto the tube. The clickety clack of heels and the low murmur of business talk can be heard. Strong coffee and tea can be smelt, as they hold their beverages, trying to keep awake amongst the throng of people.

As Canary Wharf approached, the masses of business people simultaneously shuffled towards the entrance. You could tell this was their turf.

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New Faces

On Tuesday’s lesson we also got to hear and see some people’s work, which would help us give a few ideas.
The people we were introduced to were, Matthew Carter, John Maeda and Wim Crouwel.

However firstly we looked at William Blake and his poem of London, to get an idea of different ways of describing London.

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