Personas, Task Models and User Journeys

Tuesday 11th of October welcomed our first Brief for Studio Dialogue.
“Map of Me” was the title and it brought a lot questions along with new ideas.
Thinking about how London works and how we as individuals fit into was rather thought provoking.

We first spoke about London, the place, and what we thought of it.
A few phrases and ideas said were:
– Commuters -> noise/no noise
– Concrete jungles
– Pockets of greenery
– Trends: First city to get new releases etc.
– Know about London through the lens of other people e.g. Media etc.
– New/old -> Juxtaposition (Buildings/Transport)

We then had some tasks to do.

First we had to write 20 words which made us think of London. Considering how lively, busy and multi-cultural London is, a lot of us found it difficult to think up 20 words straight away.
Next we had to think of 10 words to describe London during our journey to university. In some ways this was hard as this task limited our options, but in a way it was also easier, as we had a specific thing to think about.
After this, we got into groups and had to choose one word which we thought described London. Then with these words, we had to make up a poem connecting each of the words we had chosen.

The different tasks

In our group we decided to each come up with a poem overall and then choose our favourite lines and put them together into a final poem.

The final poem

For our homework we then had to create our own poem using twenty words which we chose to describe a theme of London.

Here is my final outcome:



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