New Faces

On Tuesday’s lesson we also got to hear and see some people’s work, which would help us give a few ideas.
The people we were introduced to were, Matthew Carter, John Maeda and Wim Crouwel.

However firstly we looked at William Blake and his poem of London, to get an idea of different ways of describing London.

We listened to an audio of William Blake’s poem on London (1794), which painted quite a bleak and grey picture of London. Some of the words used were “cries,” “woe,” “fear,” and “weakness”. From this we can see that Blake’s childhood was probably full of poverty, and ripped apart by extremities and industrialisation.
We can hear the sounds he encountered through the video we watched and also take in pockets of what society was like. He wrote about his thoughts and fears; freedom.
We also watched another video, which gave an insightful discussion into William Blake’s poem.

The second person, Matthew Carter, spoke about “My life in typefaces“.
He’s the man behind many famous typefaces such as Verdana, Georgia and Bell Centennial and he spoke through his career focusing on the very last pixel of each letter of a font.
He brought up the connection between technology and design and also how type hides its methods.
He spoke about binary verses bitmap, and after lunch we looked at grid systems and then tried ourselves to recreate the words we chose on a grid.

5/6  of the words

I tried to link some of the words, so that some of them share the same letters. I think this is practical, but it also is unnecessary and makes the words seem a bit close or squashed, so something to learn for next time is to not be afraid to not use up all the space.

We then looked at John Maeda’s talk on “Designing for Simplicity“.
He talks about the basics of his work where he combines technology and art together. The thing I like about John Maeda is that he seems to always be creating and doing things constantly, for example in his talk, he spoke about how he made cheetos paint.
He’s quite witty, yet rather interesting, e.g eye meat rather than eye candy, and one piece clementine peel.
He spoke about how humans and simplicity intertwined.
Usually we want more of things when we get enjoyment from it, but less when it’s to do with work.

“As humans we can’t help but love complexity, for example relationships.”

Finally we looked at Wim Crouwel. He is a Dutch graphic designer, who is influenced by architectural designs and shapes. I find this very interesting since I did a year of architecture, and still am quite fascinated in the buildings I see around me today.

I particularly like this quotation from him;

“For me it is always a question of thinking before sketching, a design ripens in my head, and then I see it more or less in front of me, before I take a pencil and do it on paper”.


One thought on “New Faces

  1. This was a well balanced read. You analysed key points from the class and identified positives and negatives from your workshop. Keep applying your activities to new ways of thinking. I look forward to seeing your results. This was a nice quote from your passage, well done. “Not to be afraid and not to use up all the space”

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