Canary Wharf

There are often times when you take the tube, where you can tell that you’re entering a different part of the city. Taking the tube to Canary Wharf was one of these times. As you approach the station more and more people in suits and smart clothes carrying briefcases start to pile onto the tube. The clickety clack of heels and the low murmur of business talk can be heard. Strong coffee and tea can be smelt, as they hold their beverages, trying to keep awake amongst the throng of people.

As Canary Wharf approached, the masses of business people simultaneously shuffled towards the entrance. You could tell this was their turf.

Once exiting the train, the crowds of people were easy to tell apart. Those who worked their had a sense of purpose in their stride, as they quickly paced straight towards the escalators, whereas the rest of us (tourists, visitors, students researching for a project) slowly wandered around, taking in the surroundings.

The high ceilings gave a sense of space, and the many long escalators emphasised this. As you start to come out of the station there’s just so much space. Even once you’re outside, you’re surrounded by skyscrapers, which make you feel miniscule.

Many people also stand along the outside wall waiting for another. Business people walk in straight lines, striding to their destination, whilst visitors, explorer’s and the few families there walk around aimlessly, not quite sure exactly where to go.

From the different groups of people, to the spacial awareness, I guess in a way the inside of the station reflects what’s on the outside.


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