Dialogue Studio: Narrative Mapping (Emotional Rounds)

We had to bring in some photos; 10 of people of London, 10 of places in London and 10 of textures.
A few examples:

For the first task we picked out at least 5 of the black and white photos of people and drew the emotions we got from the pictures, through the use of lines.


This was quite interesting, so I decided to do 8 drawings. I tried to make them quite different from each other and so I had to think quite hard. I tried to portray the pictures not literally, but solely based on the people’s emotions in the photos.

The second task got us using colours and circles. I think this task was easier, but I’m not sure why. Looking back I also think that these creations look more similar to each other than my line drawings. It’s interesting in the way that even though it wasn’t just one colour, I felt that they look similar more than the lines done in just a black pen.



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