Dialogue Studio: Ustwo

We watched a video on Ken Wong talking about being a designer for the award winning game Monument Valley, by ustwo.

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 00.57.05.png
Screenshot taken from the video.

He spoke about how the game features a lot of “geometry” and “impossible architecture”, which I particularly like, because it lets you do something you would not be able to experience in real life. I’ve played Monument Valley a few times before, on a friend’s iPad, and thought that the game was really unique, engaging and clever.

He also talked about how there are different mediums and different ways of storytelling. This can be in the form of:
– Books (In depth)
– Film (Includes sound etc.)
– Game (Allows interaction)

Monument Valley allows the user to interact with the architecture, in ways initially not thought possible. It also engages the audience with the story through the music. The story can be told through tone and lyrics.

Some of the questions they faced when creating the game were:
– What were the interactions were going to be?
– What themes would run throughout? (They carried the theme of returning something here, and not the usual collecting.)
– Loneliness? (Extra characters?)
– Ida (She was not necessarily the hero; she is also faceless and speechless.)
– How would the story be found out and through what explanation?

After watching the video we got into groups and chose four apps which we would analyse and discuss about.
Our group chose Pokemon GoCapture (for GoPro)Darksky and Snapchat.

It was interesting to see how many different uses and functions the different apps had. Even though they were quite different, they all had a lot of different tasks and not just one thing that they could do.
After listening to the rest of the classes chosen apps, it was clear that a lot of them were used for efficiency and organisation.
This gave me a lot of food for thought about what my app would do.


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