Dialogue Studio: Armin Hofmann

Armin Hofmann has a very distinctive style to his work. Using few colours and basic shapes, he creates simplistic yet unique designs, which have quite a modernistic feel to them.

Inspired by him, we had to create a new image using a similar process.

This time we used coloured paper and text we found from a magazine or newspaper. I decided to use the theme of mountains, so I went through several newspapers searching for related words.

After this was done, I used blue paper to recreate a mountain range image, and I wanted to imitate Armin Hofmann’s style, of rather geometric shapes, leaving spaces in between.

First draft

After I did this I decided to Photoshop and change the colours, because I realised that his work uses very few colours, which emphasises the simplicity of it.

Out of these two I’m not sure which one I like better.
I like how the first one hints at the top two colours, but I also like how the second one is just blue, and fits in with the blue “mountains”.


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