Dialogue Studio: Prototyping

We had to scan our hands and print them out A3 size. I’ve done this before but on an A4 scale, so it was interesting to see your own hand closely and the details in the lines.

We then used our previous work of mapping tube stops and superimposed the images on to our hands.

We also took extracts from the newspaper of what we liked and made new images with our hands and those words. I wanted to try and make different images, so I did what the image of a hand reminded me of in different senses.

After this I tried using text and the scanned hand with the superimposed tube dots to create some new pieces.

This project was though provoking, because it was using the same medium over again, but thinking about creating different images and series. It got me thinking about how I could use less things to make and create more things, rather than using a lot of different things.


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