Dialogue Studio: Prototyping

We had to start thinking about our apps, and how they would be apt for people to use.

In this session we were given phone templates and asked to think about our story. How would we make the transition from one screen to the next? What type would we use? What colours would be applicable? This made me think a lot, not just about what I wanted to do, but also how other people would use it, why they would use it and what would they like to use too.


We were introduced to the app Marvel, which was simple and easy to navigate around. It took out the complexity of coding and it lets you play around with the making of the app.
It shows you how you can interact with your app and what it can look like.

First we chose an artist we admired and experimented with images of their work. We played around with this and made a trail app. I chose Jasoon Kim, because I like her work and her photography is very unique. I decided to make the next buttons quite difficult to find, so that it was like a game. I decided to hide them in whichever plants were pointing either left or right.

Here is my trail app:


The second app we had to do was of our task on emotions. We chose images from that and recreated them for the app. We put these on an A3 sheet and drew out a basic plan. It was quite difficult to decide which ones I wanted to use, but in the end I chose ones which contrasted each other and which would stand out.

Here are a few examples of screens from my second app and the link to it:



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