Making a Living: Market Ready Brief

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 18.56.14.png


Our group, Dialogue: Team 3, renamed to Dirty Shirts, have decided to design and sell shirts for the Sunday Up Market in Spitalfields this year.

The idea for the logo came from the name, a splatter which indicates and emphasies “dirty”. The colour scheme is to match the colour of our t-shirts, which will be white with black paint. We wanted the name and logo to be simplistic and recognisable.

There were a lot of things to think about beforehand, but first some competitor research had to be done.

I checked out Society6 and chose some designs I liked best.

I like these prints because they were quite simple, not too busy, yet still interesting. They each had repetitive patterns going on throughout, a theme which seems to be quite common in a lot of designs.

Competitor Research:

  • Most handmade
  • Same sized stands
  • Mainly clothing
  • Artisan
  • Small batches: Individual/independent
  • Range of pricing: Relatively affordable


  • Text
  • Personalisation/Customisation


  • Truman Brewery
  • Independent designers
  • A few food stalls
  • Customers – Interested in independent designs
  • Pricing – £8-£40 (Affordable)
  • A range of sizes


We had to think about our USP (Unique Selling Proposal). This made us think about how we would stand out, and what it was that we were offering, which would make us unique. To do this, we put ourselves in the customers shoes, and thought about 2 questions:

  • What makes them go to a stall?
  • What are they passionate about?

After thinking about this, we had to also decide on our target audience. We chose to go with students as well as local artist who look to support small brands.
We also decided to have unisex t-shirts in two sizes, 20 in ‘medium’ and 20 in ‘large’.

The theme we decided to go for was ‘nature‘. We think that this is not too broad, but it also gives us plenty of ideas to mess around with. The theme ‘nature‘ also appeals to many people.
What makes our t-shirts particularly unique, is that they will be painted with our own designs, and so they will be limited edition and extremely rare.

For advertising, we decided against the idea of an Instagram account or a Facebook page, since there is limited time and so we don’t think it would be much use, nor would it gather that many supporters. However we do want to maybe make a post which we can all share to our respective accounts, and therefore, people won’t be stuck liking or following a page long after the event has finished.



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