Dialogue Studio: Kurt Schwitters

German born artist Kurt Schwitters made incredible collages, typography, paintings and sculptures.


He is mostly well known for his collages, which are called Merz Pictures, “a nonsensical word that he made up by cutting a scrap from a newspaper: the second syllable of the German word Kommerz, or commerce”.

His work is instantly recognisable and displayed in many famous museums around the world.

I like his collages, because even though they’re different, they seem to carry on the same theme throughout. Even though it looks like it’s just random things stuck down, the pieces all seem to come together well. His work is busy, but not in an overwhelming sense. I also like his typography, because they’re quite unusual, just like a lot of his other work.

Chicken and Egg 1946 by Kurt Schwitters 1887-1948
Chicken and Egg (From Tate)

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