Dialogue Studio: Stories, Concepts, Tone of voice

We had to create a series of visual responses to 10 different groups:

  • Emotions
  • Galleries
  • Sounds
  • Smells
  • Transport
  • Colour
  • People
  • Buildings
  • Typography

We did this by using 4 different types of media:

  • Photography
  • Mark Making
  • Observational drawings
  • Collage

I found presenting sounds and smells rather difficult, because I had no idea how to visually show something which we can’t really see.
However, it was quite fun to experiment and try to put down on paper the things that I was experiencing.
It was interesting seeing what I thought the sounds and smells would look like down on paper.

I also tried to do some “blind drawings” where I took my focus away from the paper and tried to focus on what I saw instead.


This helped a lot, because I realised that I can quite often be a perfectionist, and focus too much on getting things “right”.

I tried my hand at people watching and trying to draw strangers, but it was a bit hard when they would randomly leave, and especially so that I didn’t stare at them too much, in fear of seeming like a creep.

After I had finished looking around outside, I went back in and sorted through a few photos. I decided to make a few collages from these photos, turning them into another building, a street and a new piece.




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