Dialogue Studio: Applied arts marathon

The principles and elements of design are the main building blocks of creating a piece of art.

We were given a mammoth task that involved us creating 50 (or at least trying to) digital illustrations. This seemed near impossible to me, especially since I like to take my time on things and often see myself as a perfectionist when it comes to things like this.

We had three different tasks:

  • Beauty in photos
  • Movie posters
  • Self portraits

We went out and took photos in things that weren’t usually typically “beautiful”. Although I did take a few of nature and flowers, I felt like the setting those particular photos were in, weren’t actually “beautiful,” until you found the right lighting and angle, focusing on just one particular point.


For the movie posters I tried to use a principle and an element of design for each. This was quite difficult, but become more fun as I went along, especially since I decided to choose a few of my favourite films.


For the self-portrait task, I decided to go with the words people usually describe me as when they first meet me; which is “quiet/shy” (always) and “weird/quirky”. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted the outcomes to be, nor am I sure that I like them, but I guess I’ll have to play around a bit more until I’m satisfied.



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