Pastiche1560: Wayfinding Exercise

15133687_10211201890508943_261435050_o copy.jpg

We first looked at four stages of wayfinding:

  • Orientation –
    Attempt to determine one’s location, in relation to objects that may be nearby and the desired destination.
  • Route Decision –
    The selection of a course of direction to the destination.
  • Route Monitoring –
    Making sure the selected route is heading towards destination.
  • Destination Recognition –
    When the destination is recognised.

We were then split into groups and had to create a short video from one place to another, taking a series of photos and adding accompanying music on top. The other group took photos from the studio to Goulston Street entrance, whilst the group I was in stayed behind and learned the basics of Premiere.

Premiere is fairly simple to use, but it was nice to know a few tricks and shortcuts to the program and afterwards we got to mess around on it a bit.

Once the other groups returned, we set about ordering the images and adding background music. The group went for the music you usually hear in an elevator, since we had a shot of the lift, which added humour to the video.

You can check out the final video here:



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