Dialogue Studio: Barbican Exhibition


We were asked to visit two exhibitions at the Barbican. Zarah Hussain’s sculptural installation, Numina and Bedwyr Williams The Curve takeover, with his quest into The Gulch.

I first checked out Bedwyr William’s which was pretty weird and quite trippy. His exhibition is described as a “succession of surreal and theatrically staged scenes,” with “physical and metaphorical twists and turns”.

I liked how the exhibition was interactive; at the beginning there was a shoe (to which my Irish friend started shouting, “it’s singing an Irish song!” and we all bent down to listen to a singing shoe on the “sand”).  At another part of the journey there were a set of drums you could play, and also a goat, which “spoke” through people speaking into the microphone at the end.
It was quite hilarious when my friend’s were speaking and pretending to make goat noises whenever new people came through that part.
Towards the end through the streamers, there was a running track (and the missing pair of the first shoe).

After experiencing this exhibition, we moved on to Zarah Hussain’s Numina. It was quite mesmerising to see the patterns shift and form new arrangements, combining pyramids and hexagonal shapes together.



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