Dialogue Studio: The World is my Grid: (Part 1)

For this workshop we learnt about the important relationship between grid and type. We went out to take photos, looking out especially for grids and lines we saw in buildings and the sights around us. Through this we got to explore the link between physical spaces and grids.

For the trial, I used the copy of text we were given and played around with that, placing it on top of four pictures I chose.
Here is the text:
“In the modern world’s complex and unstable climate, dialogue is crucial to help heal splits and divisions, promote understanding and encourage an inclusive culture within design and between disciplines in order to help secure the future. As artists, designers, performers and writers, you are uniquely placed to help articulate and facilitate this dialogue – to visualise, interpret, disseminate and communicate, through the use of screen, print, film and social media content. A dialogue where contributions are considered according to the validity of their reasoning, instead of according to the status, race, gender, position of power of those who make them.”

We then took away the photo, so that only the text was left. We looked to see if we could still see the grid from the original photos, and for some of them I could, but for other ones I found it harder to make out.

This was a fun task and got me to think about the grids and lines we see in our everyday lives.


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