Pastiche1560 – Hom Sweet Hom

1. An artistic work in a style that imitates that of another work, artist, or period.
1. To imitate the style of (an artist or work).

For this project we have to create a video clip lasting 15-60 seconds that demonstrates our critical thinking about someone of major personal creative importance and/or influence.

Firstly, I decided to look at Lauren Hom, who is also known online as Hom Sweet Hom. She is a “California-born, formerly Brooklyn-based designer and letterer who’s currently traveling the world.” I’ve been following her work for quite a while now, because I really love her style of lettering, her humour and her creativity.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Custom chalkboard lettering for her own bedroom.

She writes a lot of quotations that are encouraging and inspiring, and when she travels she prefers to write and draw, rather than take photos.
I like this idea, because even though I love photography, limiting yourself to pen and paper on your travels really helps to get your inspiration and creativity flowing. It makes you think more about the things you’ve seen, rather than just relying on an object which can capture everything with one click.

Here are a few more examples of her work from her website:

From her work, I like how she brings out the text, either with the background, or small pictures to go alongside it. For my work, I wouldn’t like to copy her, but instead, take notice of her flow-y style and simple drawings.


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