Map of Me Research 2

After playing around with the Marvel app and having a session looking and talking about apps on our phones, I decided to do more research and look into the apps on my friends phone’s.

I asked them to screenshot their home screen and any side screens they had, and to send it to me. Many obliged, although some did question what I was doing, (and a few sent me troll photos of my face enlarged as their background).

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 17.44.45.png

Compiling them together, as well as my own (right in the middle) I looked at the different apps that people use. I realised that most of them, including myself, had mainly social media as their main priorities. For me, my home screen was filled with 6 social media apps which I use every day.
Another big one was travel and photography, which appeared on many people’s phones.
A few of them played games, although that seemed to be aimed at the younger ages and got less as the older the person was.
A few other apps people had were travel, music apps, Bible apps, shopping and scanning.

Looking through this gave me an insight as to what I wanted my app to contain and how to aim it at what the audience wants.


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