Pastiche1560 – Ja Soon Kim

After looking at my mood board of artists and designers I decided that the second person that I want to look at is Ja Soon Kim. She’s one of my favourite photographers and art directors and I really admire her work. She has an elegance and style to her work which I appreciate a lot.

Even though I have seen a lot of flatlays, I think that Ja Soon Kim’s really stand out, because they’re so simple yet sophisticated. She effortlessly displays photographs of mainly nature, but also sometimes forgotten objects and brings beauty in things that people would usually look past.

I wanted to try and imitate her work by finding things in my house and seeing if I could capture them in her style.

I took photos of before and after I sorted out the objects to show the difference.

I then tried with some fallen leaves and petals I had found and I realised that I liked this a lot more than the previous ones.

I think it’s because even though they’re just leaves and petals, they’re all slightly different shapes and I also liked the colour tones of them.
From here I will experiment more with this with other plants and for my video I’m thinking of creating different shots of this, including the process from start to end.


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