Pastiche1560 – Cecile Genevier x Ian Gabb

“It can be time-consuming but that is part of the reason it is so good, because it forces people to slow down – it forces them to think about the words in their hands and the rhythm that they have.”


We had to talk to other people about their Pastiche1560 idea’s and I was paired with Cecile Genevier.

I found out that she was looking at Ian Gabb, and she said that the talk he did “was really eye opening, some of the things mentioned” she never knew.
Ian Gabb is a British designer and printer , who’s well known for his letterpress works. We actually looked at him back in first year, and I was really inspired by his works. He has a simple yet distinctive style, and you can really appreciate his love of letterpress through them.

I’ll be interested to see what her final outcome is and see how he is represented and portrayed in the video.


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