Map of Me: Outcome (1)

For my app, I want to look at collages of different places.

I decided to take photos of three of places I’m at the most. This was:

  • Home
  • Church
  • University

I wanted to show, not just the surrounding areas, but also the insides of the buildings.

Moving on from my collages of new skylines and buildings, I wanted these collages for the app to represent how I felt about each place. I feel like this has more emotion from me and my screens to the user, and they can connect better, rather than just looking at collages of a building made into a new building.

Home icon.jpg

For my home button, I decided to use my actually home. I experimented a bit by drawing different houses, but in the end I decided that I like using my home the best, because I think it’s a bit quirky and odd due to the different plants at the front. I also think this works well with the app, because the collages are quite odd too and not something you’d usually see.
I singled out my house, using sejkko’s technique, so that the focus would only be on it and not the surroundings.

I was originally going to use this for the logo as well, but I thought that it only related to ‘home’ and not the two other places; ‘church’ and ‘university’ as well. I went on to think about what I could use as a logo to represent this project and these three places.


I played around a lot and finally decided on a mountain, because it indicates travel and I added three points, to relate to the three different places. I wanted the lines to join up, to show how the three places are connected, as they are the places I go to the most.


I think it’s simple but it portrays what I want to the viewer and I think after they play around on the app, they’ll realise the significance of the logo.


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