Google Engage Live Brief

“Advertising is a dirty word right?”

Advertising is about changing behaviours through creative concepts, storytelling my and technical executions. 

We had a talk from Dan a chief creator drive from Grand Visual. He spoke about our brief which is about what social change we want to see and changing the way advertisers use various forms of data.

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Our Lives in Data

16106364_10211806029892050_1939388690_o copy.jpg

Our first project of the second term is called OUR LIVES IN DATA. We were asked to go to the Science Museum and look at a small exhibition on the ground floor. From this exhibition you can learn that literally anything and everything can be data. Your face is data. Your genes are data. The exhibition spoke about TfL, social media and genomics. One of the examples they used was about travelling in London and the use of Oyster cards.

“Journeys you make in London create data. Three hundred million are made each month using Oyster and contactless cards. Transport for London (TfL) uses this information to understand who wants to go where and when. This data helps TfL to understand patterns, help its customers and shape new stations. This is just one example of how decisions about our cities are being driven by big data.”

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