Google Engage Live Brief

“Advertising is a dirty word right?”

Advertising is about changing behaviours through creative concepts, storytelling my and technical executions. 

We had a talk from Dan a chief creator drive from Grand Visual. He spoke about our brief which is about what social change we want to see and changing the way advertisers use various forms of data.

Some thing to think about were how we could get people outside of their social bubbles and to digitalise the offline. The aim is to inspire social change into the local community, at relevant moments, locations and audience mindset. What we want to see for the benefit of social change.

He also gave us a few examples of DOOH (Digital out of home) and Google behind Offline channels- Magazine, noticeboard, poster on a lamppost IBN Smarter Cities. For example Old Street’s roundabout holds huge digital signs which people can read if they’re stuck in traffic or just passing by.

A photo I took at Old Street roundabout

We also thought about how technology can improve a user’s life.
How can we find out more about people in order to use the data in a relevant way?
We were told to think about stories that would mean something – emotion, something that we really believe in .

Some things that I took away were:

  • It should contain the perfect marriage between creativity and technology
  • Too much technology and people won’t understand, too much creativity and it will become offline.
  • Together Ideation
  • Creativity breeds creativity
  • We should try to break the force of habit
  • The answer is ALWAYS in the question. We just need to think laterally.

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