Hands-On Experimental Type

On Tuesday we had a workshop all for the love of type. The aim was to make us aware of the possibilities of type and to get us to experiment and create our own letterforms. As not many people turned up that day, we were told to pick 4 letters/numbers/punctuation forms out of a hat out of 40. These were the characters I got:

16880623_10212207201121080_1161382918_o copy.jpg

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Google Engage (Research 4)

I remember one of the things that Dan said in his talk was that the

“location will come when you define what you want to socially change”.

After deciding upon my social change, I started to think about where I would want to place the screens. I thought about where there were many people of different generations and the two main places that came to mind were Kings Cross and Waterloo.

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Google Engage (Research 3)

Rather than looking at the typical advertisements used around this topic, I wanted to look outside the box.

One of the first adverts which came to mind was a German one I saw which I remember really tugged at everyone’s heart strings.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 17.45.02.png

The angle this company decided to go for was sad, yet happy, one to make you think about whether you are spending your time with those older than us and family as you may never know when they will go.

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Google Engage (Research 2)

I decided to look at what things there were now which joined together generations. I found out that although there weren’t many things, the ones that I did find were pretty cool.

There was one thing which I heard about in other countries too where the programme matches people who need accommodation and are willing to support and basically be a friend to an elderly person.

The one for London I found was called “homeshare”. Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 23.01.49.png

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