Google Engage (Research 1)

After the groups task we used the research techniques to discover and develop our own ideas.
Similar to what we did in class, I brainstormed a few topics I had in mind and things that I wanted to socially change, on some post it notes.


After thinking about these I decided on one topic which was the generation gap

I wanted to change how different generations view each other, and bridge the gap and knock the age barrier.

Some questions I thought about were:

  • How are different generations usually portrayed?
  • Why is there a barrier?
  • How can we bridge this gap?

I did some research and realised that there is not much being done about this, maybe only the rare advertisement or small company which joins different generations. As there are so many things for the younger generations to do, these mainly targeted ways to help the elderly.

I thought about what was the change I wanted to see exactly and jotted down some ideas:

  • Elderly more involved in today’s society?
  • Interaction between all generations?
  • Activities for all, no matter the age?
  • No stereotyping of generations/age?

I thought about these and what would be something that I could do to join people together. I wanted to think outside the box and think of something different which would be fun for everyone and so I decided to do more research into this.


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