Book Cover Archive

In one of the workshops we started off with answering and writing down words and sentences about ourselves, and then went on to painting random strokes. From this we cut out shapes and also drew odd inventions. This helped to think of the emotion you’d want to portray through your cover.

In another workshop, we were told to choose a cover from book cover archive and then imitate it or remake a cover.

DSC_0630 copy

I chose to do imitate Alena: A Novel and to remake 1000 Black Umbrellas. Alena seemed fairly simple, but I liked the textures used to place text on top and separate it from the background. For 1000 Black Umbrellas I kept their splattered design, but instead of black I wanted it to be colourful.

I think these workshops opened my narrow minded ways a bit, as I usually think of ideas and then stick to them, rather than experiment a lot.


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