Google Engage (Development 1)

After deciding upon my social change and having an idea on the place I’d like to put my DOOH screen, I started to think more about the idea behind it.
I still wasn’t sure what story I wanted to tell, so I decided to come up with plans for the surrounding area and how the audience would interact or start engaging with the DOOH screen and the whole idea.


Other than signs, I started to think about things in our everyday lives which are aimed for the older generation and the idea of priority seats came to mind. Continuing on from the idea of a large sign/DOOH screen to attract people, I thought about whether it should be a question or a statement to gather those who are like minded and to “match” them together. But after thinking about this, I decided that the idea was too vague, and it didn’t really seal my idea of establishing the thought that you can have a concrete relationship with other generations.

I then did some really rough sketches of seats and wondered where I could place the DOOH screen and also how I’d signal that the seat wasn’t for anyone, but for a specific age group and for those who’d actually want to get to know someone from a different generation.

DSC_0688 copyDSC_0689

I think doing some research on this and getting my rough ideas on paper really helped, as I it developed to more ideas and eliminated those that I didn’t fit with what I wanted to get across.

The next step for me after this research was to choose the place where I want to place the DOOH screen so that I can fit my ideas to the area.


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