Google Engage (Development 2)

I finally decided on the area where I wanted to have my idea and that place is the one and only Kings Cross.

DSC_0667 copy.jpg


Despite having gone to King’s Cross many times, I took time to go there especially for research and development as I usually pass through.

Some of the things that I noted down were:

  • It was very, very busy
  • People were constantly coming and going
  • There was a mix between standing and waiting and dashing from one end to another
  • Many shops and restaurants
  • Few seats – Some inside, but more outside
  • Mainly a lot of open space

As I looked at seats before, I also took a few shots of the seating throughout Kings Cross. I actually forgot how little seating there was, except if you were to go outside or sit in a restaurant. For those who were simply waiting, there were a few small areas dedicated for seating, but most of Kings Cross is a large open space. This is good, because it means that there is plenty of space to experiment with.

There were also a few screens dotted around the station and these displayed information and advertisements, which constantly changed. There are plenty of different things going on at Kings Cross, so I think it’d be perfect for my project, since there are also such a wide variety of people there too. Also, as many people were mainly there waiting, it means they have a few minutes to spare, which works out really well and also gives me some ideas as to what my story will show.




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