Map of Me: Outcome (2)

After deciding that I wanted to continue with collages and the three places I wanted to focus on, I thought about how I would incorporate everything into the app.

First I took photos of the three places. As I wanted to encompass the feel of the places, I took photos of not only the outside and surrounding areas of the places, but also the inside of them too. I thought it’d be nice to show some parts which may not be able to be seen by everyone.
After many photos, I cut them up and created new collages of each place, one for the inside and another for the outside, so that in total I had six new pieces.

A few examples of some of the collages:

Even though the new pieces looked completely different to the original photos I wanted the audience to view these places in a similar way that I do, rather than just seeing them places as how they are.

After making the collages I took photos and edited them on Photoshop, so that they could fit into the Marvel app.


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