Map of Me: Outcome (3)

After deciding on the places that I wanted in my app and what I wanted it to focus on, I looked at how I would go from one screen to the next. Rather than just dumping the collages on the app, I thought it’d be good to have an explanation of what I was doing and also a map to show the three different places.

I also needed to think about how one screen would transition to the next and how they would connect.

I used a screen for the map so that users could click on a specific place they wanted to view. From there I had two screens for each place, and placed them so that it’d be one screen of the inside then the next of the outside, and so on for each place. To distinguish the outside from the outside I used a light blue colour to imitate the sky, but also to not stand out so much.

Here’s my final screens:


Here’s a link to the prototype of my app:


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