Movements (Research)

Our final project is called movements and we started by researching about 3 design movements from the 20th century.

Movements 3

The three movements that I chose were:

  • Pop art
  • Dada
  • Cubism

A few things that I liked about each movement:

  • Pop art, art in which commonplace objects were used as subject matter and were often physically incorporated in the work.


  • In the desire to reject traditional modes of artistic creation, many Dadaists worked in collage, photomontage, and found-object construction, rather than in painting and sculpture.


  • The Cubist style emphasised the flat, two-dimensional surface of the picture plane, rejecting the traditional techniques of perspective, foreshortening, modelling, and chiaroscuro, and refuting time-honoured theories that art should imitate nature. Cubist painters were not bound to copying form, texture, colour, and space; instead, they presented a new reality in paintings that depicted radically fragmented objects.

Bottle and Fishes c.1910-2 by Georges Braque 1882-1963


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