Movements (Research 2)


After looking at the three movements, I felt that I wanted to look more into Dada. I liked this movement, because I found them to be really unique. They were described as anti-aesthetic, which is odd, because aesthetic means to appeal or to look beautiful, something that artists often want their work to be, however this movement was going against that. They delighted in unconventional typographic design, frequently mixing fonts employing unorthodox punctuation, printing both horizontally and vertically on a single sheet, and sprinkling texts with randomly chosen printers’ symbols.

Common themes through different Dadaists work were that their work seemed completely random. There was a lot of collaging and different things placed on top of one another. This seemed to not follow a particular format, but yet somehow the pieces worked.

A few quotations I found online of the movement I liked, so I took note of them too.

  • “Artists who rejected the logic, reason and aestheticism of modern capitalist society.”
  • “Expressed nonsense, irrationality and anti-bourgeois protest.”
  • Visual, literary and sound media.”
  • “Collage, sound poetry, cut-up writing and
  • “Expressed discontent with violence, war, and nationalism, and maintained political affinities with the radical left.”

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