Movements (Research 3)

After confirming that I wanted to look at the Dada movement, I went on to look at different artists from that period.

A few of my favourites are:

  • Kurt Schwitters
  • Raoul Hausmann
  • Ilia Zdanevich
  • Hannah Höch

Some main points about each of them are:

Kurt Schwitters – Typography, collages and paintings. “Rubbish materials”: Bits of newspaper and notes etc. Random sizes for letters etc. Most famous for “Merz pictures”.

Raoul Hausmann – Photomontage: Consists of words, people and experimental photographic collages. Sound poems: “Phonemes”/”Poster poems”.

Ilia Zdanevich – Typography: Very random, different sizes and fonts. Posters. They don’t follow an order.

Hannah Höch – Faces: Quite creepy, but it works well. Different parts cut out and stuck together. Photomontage: Eyes seemed to be the main focus. She was very interested in people and did self-portraits too.


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