Movements: Screen-printing

We were asked to create a design for screen-printing; something that involved two colours and that we could cut out fairly easily.

This is what I came with: DADA

It wasn’t until I started cutting that I realised I completely forgot about the holes in the letters, however after asking Sara for her opinion, she said that it’d still look quite nice with the holes filled.

I had cut two pieces, one for one colour and another for the other. The two colours I chose were an off-white/yellow colour and red. I saw these colours come up quite a lot in the movement, which is why I chose them. I think the off-white/yellow colour relates to newspapers too, something which was used in quite a few of the Dadaists collages and photomontages. I did about three prints, before the paper started ripping and getting too damp from the paint.



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