Walk the Line: GIF Homework

For our homework we also had to produce 3 gifs in different methods.

I decided to take one of my “draw everyday” drawings and expand on it.


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Design Competition: Research

From Regular Practice’s presentation, we saw that although it’s nice to have expensive and fancy exhibitions, you can also do a lot on a budget and by using raw materials.



Our group seems to be drawn to the idea of using cardboard, which I like as it’s inexpensive and very light. To brighten that up we can use splashes of colours, which I think will work really well in bringing it all together.

Walk the Line: Practitioner Research

For our research task we were asked to look at the list of practitioner and choose one whose work we found particularly interesting. However I found it quite hard to choose just one, so maybe once every other week I will post about all of those that I really liked.

This week I decided to choose Marie O’Connor.

“She is interested in creating surprising interplays between the body and clothing, image and reality and scale and distance. A regular starting point is in playing with the notion of flatness within 3 dimensional design.”

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Walk the Line: GIF Making

On Friday we spent the day looking at gif makers and learning how to make them.

We started off with a fairly simple task of placing sticky dots in a storyboard, to make it look like a bouncing ball. This was quite useful, as it give us an idea of how each frame looks and what you need to think about when making a gif.


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Critical & Design Thinking

Factual, vertical, rational, objective, convergent. 
(It is very logical)
Speculative, lateral, emotional, subjective, divergent.

On Tuesday we had a Critical & Design Thinking lesson, which challenged our way of thinking. We went through some terms we’ve learnt previously, but it was good to refresh our memories.

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Design Competition

Our first Design Competition lesson was quite packed (and a lil bit daunting). We spoke about CVs and the different projects we would be doing.

This was actually pretty helpful since I have written a CV in about… 6 years… Reading my old CV was super cringe, so there’s definitely a lot I took away from this lesson to update my CV. This was also useful, because the university wants us all to sign up to ‘mettemps’ which is a really cool way of applying for jobs in the university and learning more. For this we need a CV, so the new information we learnt could be applied straight away when we sign up.

Our second project for this module will be an internship, which is quite exciting and so we have to start preparing early on for that, researching companies and designers that we like.

After all this talking, we were told what groups we were in for our first project. These groups contain both illustrators and graphic designers and together we have to come up with a concept for the summer show exhibition. There’s a lot to think about for this, but it’s also difficult to think about something that has never done before. The in-house group Regular Practice showed us some cool designs and inspiration for exhibitions. I’m quite excited to see everyone’s final outcomes and the different ideas we’ll go through to get there.

To end the lesson we got together in our teams and did the ‘spaghetti tower/marshmallow’ challenge.