Walk the Line: GIF Making

On Friday we spent the day looking at gif makers and learning how to make them.

We started off with a fairly simple task of placing sticky dots in a storyboard, to make it look like a bouncing ball. This was quite useful, as it give us an idea of how each frame looks and what you need to think about when making a gif.


We then had to draw our own storyboards and after lunch we scanned them in and made them into gifs on Photoshop. (As I was thinking about lunch and good at the time, I decided to draw a burger being eaten).


I’ve made gifs before, but it was always from video frames to layers so this was new to me.

Here is my first storyboard; a simple drop of water:


I was going to rub away all the smudges and marks, but Russel told me that his teacher once told him that those were the best parts. Looking on the gif now, it does give this grainy texture to it, which I quite like.

My second gif was the burger:

Since I had spare time, I decided to add colour to it too.
I quite liked the outcome of my gifs, although I think I need to improve on drawing hands haha.



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