Walk the Line: Practitioner Research

For our research task we were asked to look at the list of practitioner and choose one whose work we found particularly interesting. However I found it quite hard to choose just one, so maybe once every other week I will post about all of those that I really liked.

This week I decided to choose Marie O’Connor.

“She is interested in creating surprising interplays between the body and clothing, image and reality and scale and distance. A regular starting point is in playing with the notion of flatness within 3 dimensional design.”

Her work consists of a lot of simple shapes and also often the human body. I like her work because she uses a range of materials and techniques.

I chose this particular image, because I like how it uses a basic sort of pie chart shape, but then incorporates the human body in it to match the shape too. The colours of the clothes are visually similar and because the image and the person fit together nicely, it’s quite pleasing to the human eye.

I imagine that the shape the person made came first and then she thought about what she could add in the background or what it reminded her of.

This also reminds me of this couple I follow on Instagram, who find shapes around them and fit themselves, or objects into the shape. (x,x)

I really like this style, because it takes the “normal” and everyday and changes it into something else. It seems simple, but most people wouldn’t have thought to view a simple everyday object like this.


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