Design Competition: Helvetica Tape

As our group were looking into Helvetica Tape font, I tried a hand at making this.


I first started by printing out Helvetica alphabet, lower case and upper case, as well as the numbers and a few extra symbols. Then I cut these out and wrapped each letter in tape. I wanted to play around with this and as I have different types of tape, I decided to use them for the different characters.

After this was done, I stuck them in my book and took photos of them. From these photos I used an online tool to make it into a font.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 17.27.04

Here is an example of the font in use.
However the online tool that I used changes everything to black and white, and I would have like to keep the colours of the different tapes, so I think I will search around some more for different online tools.

All in all, this experiment and trial was very tedious, but it was good fun, and I’m quite pleased with the final outcome!


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