Walk the Line: GIF Development

After researching a bit about different GIFS and the “Uncomfortable” series I looked into making GIFS of things that aren’t what they seem.

I first got this idea through my friend who was taking a video of us at those gyms in the park.  One of my friends was resting on one of the equipments and the friend filming said that he looked like he had a jetpack on.
From this I took my own video of him, and when I got home, I tried to make it seem like he was using a jetpack.
Here is my outcome:


This was a long process, because I had to get rid of the background in each frame, and then add colour in and add in the “world” and the “sun”.
I like my outcome, because it’s quite comical.

The second GIF that I made was an invitation to my sister’s new place. She asked me to spread the word to our friends, so I thought what better was there then to make a GIF. I already had the idea in my head that it’d be an envelope opening and that the end result would be a house. So fusing these two together, I realised that once an envelope is opened it looks similar to a house.

My final GIF for this is not as spectacular as the jetpack one, but I still liked how it turned out; the opening of the envelope, my sister popping out, the invite and finally changing to a house.



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