Walk the Line: Practitioner Research (3)

After seeing some of my work, James Hunting recommended two artists for me to look at: Michael Craig Martin & Gary Clough.

Michael Craig Martin draws ordinary everyday objects, but it’s the way he puts everything together that I like. Even his work without colour is really nice. It seems like fairly simple line drawings, but because of the way the objects are placed, it creates a new image. It makes all the objects seem as if they’re joined and they’re all interconnected so effortlessly.


Gary Clough’s¬†drawings are also quite similar to Michael Craig Martin, which is why I think James recommended me these two artists, as he saw some of my drawings were quite similar to their style. I like how he incorporates some of his drawings into a object, so that they have a border (like the drawing of the lungs, which was for Inktober and Stoptember) I also like how he adds dashes of colour and doesn’t go full on with blocks of colour.