Photo Everyday (Days 9-12)


Match and Mismatch (Photography Studio)

We were given our furniture students that we are going to collaborate with and the object that Abbie had was a table. It was really cool and interesting to see her product and read the information behind it, but after emailing her, I found out that her table was not in London, so we scheduled a meet-up so that I could choose something from her other works.

After meeting up with her and looking through her work (which was really cool), I chose to base this project on some pepper moulds.


After picking up the objects we had an introduction to the photography studio and had a chance to try the different backdrops with our objects.

As she had a lot of these moulds, she let me choose which one’s I wanted to use and so I decided to pick four of them to base this project on.

Here are some more photos of the four chosen moulds.

Regular Practice Placement (Layout Lesson)


In this lesson Regular Practice did an Indesign grids workshop with us. We looked at different types of grids and then they gave us each a newspaper and they taught us step by step how to recreate the grid.

The page they chose was a particular busy page with many grids, so it was challenging but with their help it was quite fun.

Below is an image of the grid and the newspaper along side it.