Photo Everyday (Days 13-16)


Regular Practice Placement (Video Research)

Having seen some videos for art installations and degree shows, I thought it’d be cool to have something similar for the Summer Show.

This meant that it could attract an audience before the Summer Show opened and that people could see the work being put into the show.

I decided to research some of the videos and chose a few of my favourites to see what they contained.

From the research a basic storyboard was made.Film storyboard mockup.jpg

Regular Practice Placement (GIFs)

For Summer Show I decided to experiment with more GIF making, so I played around with the gradient we chose and the Helvetica Tape font. With the main theme colours in mind I thought about what simple GIFs I could make that would attract and tell people about the Summer Show. I played around with a few examples, always using the colours and the “Summer Show” typed out in Helvetica tape.

Here are some of the GIFs I made which I liked the best:




This could be used for Instagram posts etc. to briefly advertise the show.

Regular Practice (Meeting)

Some meetings were held in the CASS whilst others were held in Regular Practice’s studio. It was really cool to see where they work.

We had a few meetings with Regular Practice to help us with our Summer Show planning and preparation. To be honest we were quite lost at the start, because we were told to do a lot of the logistics side of it and not so much of the design side, that even Regular Practice were unsure of what was going on. Plus different people kept telling us different things, but through the meetings we managed to clear up a few things.

They helped us develop our brand more clearly and helped us to focus on the main and important things that needed to be done.

From here I’m going to make more GIFs with the branding of the Summer Show clearly shown and do some research on videos to advertise the Summer Show.